Teza Moondrop Fishing Bag


teza Moondrop Fishing Bag

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This teza Moondrop Fishing Bag is a comfortable design, which can be strapped to the side of your waist and is constructed from waterproof laminated nylon. It is a spacious bag with a foam-covered front flap to store used jigs. The flap compartment has a holder for a pair of scissors, a D-loop to allow a lanyard to keep your scissors attached to your bag and a clear PVC pouch. The main compartment is large and hold an assortment of tackle, drop shot packets or a small hard plastic container if needs be. The bag comes standard with a double nylon zip.


  • Made from waterproof laminated nylon
  • Pouches for storage
  • “Moonbag” design, so is strapped to the side of your waist
  • 29cm wide x 18cm high

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