Podcast 23 June ’22

It’s all about the Sardine action and the buffet that lays with it! This weeks show has our reporters advise on tips and tricks during the 2022 Sardine run as well as what to use for the massive catches being bragged about on the freshwater scene of KZN!

Podcast 16 June ’22

What an Epic Week in KZN! With great fishing throughout the East Coast it is the perfect time to get out this long weekend…In this weeks report we can expect bending rods and in this report we tell you what has been on the end of the line!

Podcast 5 May ’22

Kob, Kob and Kob is the talk of KZN as well as a variety of species in-between including rods bending with inedible fish. Freshwater is certainly on the menu if your Stillwater angling as Jan tells us all about it. Listen to the hottest feeding zones for the weekend!