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teza Fishing Tackle Box

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The teza Samoosa is the same size box as the Mini Moosa but with a few less features, making the box more affordable, lighter and simpler. This box is the perfect grab and go box for a quick trip or for a junior angler starting out.

It has a top wooden storage box and a wooden storage drawer with storage space below. The Samoosa has only 1 PVC trace pouch pocket and 1 rod holder on the side of the bag and additional clear pouches on the inner sides of the PVC flaps for licenses or traces. The bag has a shoulder sling strap rather than back straps. The bag also does not have the facility to carry a Safari Chiller 12L or 18L underneath it.

On the top flap are 2 velcro straps which can be used to hold a multitude of items such as rod holders / pension pipes or a jacket for example.

Ideal for short trips or a starter tackle box.

The height of the box is 23.5cm, the width is 17.5cm and the base is 31cm.


  • Wooden drawers for storage
  • Lightweight aluminium frame
  • Pockets for storage
  • Rod holder
  • Shoulder sling

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