Teza Fishing Bucket – Kidney Standup with Gimbal


EVA Foam

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The Teza Fishing Bucket – Kidney Standup with Gimbal provides the ultimate in back support and is ideal for fighting heavy weight fish.

It comes with an adjustable back strap for support as well as tools. The wide backstrap helps distribute the pressure more evenly across your back and has an EVA foam core to help with cushioning. This is perfect for anglers that use stand up rods or rods with a gimbal.

The strategically positioned adjustable straps allow you to use the weight of your body to counter tension on your rod when clicked into the reel.

It has a Gimbal to improve the security of the rod while pulling and winding.

The bucket is tough and durable and has a thick EVA foam pad for additional comfort.


  • Heavy Duty Rod Bucket
  • Eva Foam for Comfort
  • Adjustable Kidney Belt
  • Gimbal

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Dimensions 40 × 27 × 15 cm