Siglon PE X8 Braided Fishing Line


Siglon PE X8

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Siglon PE X8 Braided Fishing Line features an extremely fine diameter that makes it ideal for maximising casting distance and minimising water drag when fishing the depths. Made of high-quality materials, Sunline Siglon PE X8 Braided Fishing Line is a high-performance braid at a very affordable price

The line is a strong braided multifilament fishing line that is applicable to all kinds of fishing techniques by reaching a high both linear and knot breaking strain. Outstanding ever rounder shape is its another significant feature bringing you absolutely great slickness and castability. Due to its smoothness, operation becomes very easy and enjoyable. With it, Sunline aims to provide every angler with joy and satisfaction from fishing.


  • 8 Weave/Strand Braid
  • High-performance
  • High breaking strain
  • Smooth

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300m Spool