Siglon Fluorocarbon Leader Fishing Line

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Siglon Fluorocarbon

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Siglon Fluorocarbon Leader Fishing Line is made from 100% Japanese fluorocarbon material. This is one of the finest fluorocarbon lines available. This line is virtually invisible underwater as it has a similar refractive index to water. Due to this it increases the probability of getting the bite.

The Siglon Fluorocarbon Leader Fishing Line is denser than normal monofilament and sinks 5 times faster. This is a great benefit when fishing all types of weighted and weightless plastics and when jigging.

Siglon Fluorocarbon has very low stretch which increases sensitivity in feeling the bite and setting the hook plus Siglon Fluorocarbon offers a far greater abrasion resistance compared to any other fluorocarbon line.

Siglon Fluorocarbon Leader Line is ideal to use for almost all facets of fishing in freshwater and saltwater where a low stretch, dense, invisible leader is required.


  • Colour Transparent
  • 100% Fluorocarbon
  • Low Stretch
  • Dense

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