KingFisher Chugger Big Game Offshore Lures – Chugging

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Head Shape Chugging

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The KingFisher Rattler Chugger Lures are big game lures with a “Chugger” style head. When pulled at speed, the head creates a distinctive bubble trail, causing game fish to go into a frenzy and attack the bubble trail and lure. This surface action produces some exhilarating top-water strikes. Predatory game fish find this lure irresistible and should definitely be included in your spread.

The lure comes rigged ready to fish, with top quality components. Use the lure as it is or add a fillet or belly shine for that next level.


  • Clear Acrylic Head
  • Vinyl Skirt
  • Pre-rigger
  • Head Shape Chugging

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