Rattler Lipped Trolling Lure



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The Rattler lipped trolling lure is a well constructed, quality product. The shape of the diving lip means that the lure will dive to 2 metres under the surface, unassisted. The lure body shape coupled with the diving lip creates an irresistible action and gamefish species such as dorado, king mackerel and tuna will smash this lure hard.

The lure can be trolled at speed producing a tight, wiggling action. The textured body, through-wire construction, life-like eyes and great finishing make this an ideal blue-water trolling lure.


  • Floating Lure
  • Dives to 2m
  • Weight 18g
  • Length 120mm
  • Extra strong VMC treble hooks
  • 3 Strong Split rings
  • Through Wire Construction

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Red Head/Lumo (S40), Purple/Brown (A40), Chartreuse/Blue (S30), Black (M41), (06), (08), Ice Cream (L25), Blue Pilchard (L05), Olive Green (A41), Blue/Purple (L01), Pink (J308)