Xeroderm Camo Sunscreen SPF40 100ml


XERODERM Camo Suncreen SPF40 100ml

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XERODERM Camo Sunscreen is a product that was born from a collaboration between Van Dyk Pharmaceuticals and South African fishing legends who were in need of a sunscreen that could handle the harsh climate but would not deter the fish if baits were handled while this sunscreen was still on their hands. After 8 year of research, XERODERM Camo Sunscreen SPF40 was born.

A non-greasy, fragrance free, quick absorbing sunscreen making it unique against UVA and UVB rays up to 380nm.

When it comes to fishing, you cannot do much better than XERODERM. A fisherman often spends his time in the water. Fishermen often subject themselves to every kind of sun damage. Direct sun rays as well as light reflection from all angles. XERODERM is a fisherman’s best friend in this regard. It sinks into the skin protecting you regardless of how wet you get. It has a powerful SPF rating as well.

Regular use of this XERODERM Sunscreen also helps prevent drying and pre-mature ageing of the skin due to added skin moisturizers. It is suitable for all skin types and is approved by dermatologists.

XERODERM Camo is endorsed by SAs fishing legends including National and World Champions, making it extremely popular with all outdoor enthusiasts.

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