Teza Mini Collapsible H-Frame Tackle Box


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The Teza Mini Collapsible H-Frame Tackle Box is part of the H-Frame family from Teza, and rules the Rock & Surf market. There is nothing better than these super strong Aluminium Frames, designed incredibly well to support heavy loads.

The beauty of this design alongside its strength, is that you can place a relative sized cooler on top of the box, strapping it to the H-Frame. This is a viable option for reducing hand-held luggage on the beach. They have rod holders on the sides as well, however, make sure your tackle box is heavy enough for it to hold your larger rods and reels without falling over. They have straps for your shoulders, as well as your waist to increase stability and back support.

The Teza Mini Collapsible H-Frame Tackle Box is of course collapsible to increase boot space.

With plenty room for tackle, of course dependent on which size H-Frame you choose, these boxes are the best for Rock & Surf!

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Weight 2.42 kg
Dimensions 50 × 39 × 31 cm