Teza Lure Trace Wrap Mesh Bag


Teza Lure Trace Wrap Mesh Bag

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This teza Lure Trace Wrap Mesh Bag is great for storing lures and traces for all facets of fishing. It is made from a non-fibrous mesh material, to prevent hooks get caught or snared. The mesh material simplifies cleaning your tackle – just chuck the pouch into a bucket of water, swish it around and hang it up to dry.

The Lure Trace Wrap has numerous sleeves for your traces. The Small Wrap is 15cm long and the Large Wrap is 28cm long.


  • Available in Large or Small
  • Made from non-fibrous fabric mesh material
  • See-through pouches for easy viewing
  • After use, one can spray the lures in the pouch with fresh water and hang it up to dry

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