Reaction Plastics Paddle Tail Bait

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2.4″ & 3.8″ & 4.8″

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The Reaction Plastics Paddle Tail has an irresistible tail wag, designed to grab and disperse water while swimming. The added Garlic scent will entice fish. Popular rigs: Carolina, Texas, weightless, keel weighted, swim bait hook, standard jig head, vibrating jig, spinner bait, buzz bait.

Look for active bait fish and throw your Reaction Paddle Tail into these areas.


  • Hook slot
  • Garlic scent
  • Multiple Colours
  • 3 Sizes

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Assorted, Bubbly, Clear Sparkle, Deep Pink, Dusky, Ghost, Gurnard, Ice Blue, Pink Sparkle


2.4" (6cm), 3.8" (9.5cm), 4.8" (12cm)