Mustad Daggerman Vertical Jig

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Ultra Point Hook

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The Daggerman Vertical Jig is a 60:40 front-weighted vertical jig specially designed for aggressive predators like couta, amberjack and yellowtails. The Daggerman is best presented in short rapid pumps with short pauses in between. The aerodynamically-shaped Daggerman rips through the water column, drawing the attention of nearby predators. During the short pause, it immediately dips head down, resembling the natural movement of a struggling baitfish. This fluttering action is deadly for gamefish and most hits are usually encountered right after the pause!

The lure is finished with Japanese style hot-foil, translucent paint on the top for the superb colouring and UV finish on the bottom which provides great colour at depth. The lure has a Mustad Ultra-point hook on an assist rig setup, which means great hook-ups.


  • Mustad Ultra-point Hook
  • Japanese Style Hot-Foil Finish
  • UV Finish on Bottom

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