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Many anglers will agree that the split shot rig is the go-to for bass fishing. At the same time, many saltwater anglers will agree that using a split shot rig can give a more lifelike presentation to the most stubborn lures.

The split shot weight is added at least six inches from the hook. If more than one weight is needed, for example, to produce a faster sink rate, more split shot is added. However, you must place the split shot weights no less than one inch apart. This is essential.

Strategically placing the split shot weights at the distances from the hook and each other, as mentioned above, allows for a more lifelike presentation of the lure or bait, both in sinking and retrieval.

Soft plastics, particularly worms, work exceptionally well with split shot rigs. The weight being further up the line guarantees a more lifelike presentation. Anyone who has ever bass fished will know how crucial presentation is for hooking “the big ones”.

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