Kingfisher Giant Abrasion Nylon Fishing Line

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Kingfisher Giant Abrasion

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Kingfisher Giant Abrasion Nylon Fishing Line, with its extreme abrasive resistant qualities, delivers the toughness and reliability that you need when fishing in the most challenging situations. Experience that feeling of confidence when fishing amongst rocks with this low stretch, easy to cast line that has exceptional knot strength and unmatched toughness.


  • Monofilament Nylon
  • Low Stretch
  • Easy to Cast
  • Exceptional knot strength
  • Tough
  • Abrasion resistance

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Clear, Gold, Orange, Pink


11.5Kg / 25Lb .40mm, 13.6Kg / 30Lb .45mm, 16.8Kg / 37Lb .50mm, 2.25Kg / 5Lb .18mm, 2.7Kg / 6Lb .20mm, 21Kg / 46Lb .55mm, 23.5Kg / 52Lb .58mm, 3.17Kg / 7Lb .21mm, 4.2Kg / 9Lb .25mm, 4.55Kg / 10Lb .25mm, 5.5Kg / 12Lb .28mm, 6.8Kg / 15Lb .30mm, 9.1Kg / 20Lb .35mm

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