KingFisher Bait Needle for Dingle Dangle

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Dingle Dangle Threader

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The KingFisher Bait Needles are used to thread your dingle dangle through your bait neatly without damaging the cotton or bait.

These needles come in two versions – with a Steel Loop Handle and with a Plastic Grip Handle. The Kingfisher Bait Needle is revolutionary and is a necessity when fishing with Dingle Dangles.

Using Dingle Dangles has improved casting distance drastically. Rather than your sinker unclipping from your bait and slowing it down, using a dingle dangle keeps your sinker attached directly beneath your bait creating a torpedo/missile effect.

Worried about it staying clipped together? Don’t be! Your bait will unclip upon impact on the waters surface.


  • Steel Loop Handle / Plastic Grip Handle
  • Stainless Steel

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Bait Needle with Steel Loop Handle, Bait Needle with Plastic Grip Handle