Halco Sorcerer 68 STD


8 grams

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Widely recognised as Australia’s best Barramundi lure, this amazing lure has incredible versatility. The four depths range from less than a meter to over 8 metres. The tight trademark Scorpion shimmy action is the ideal strike trigger and the butter-knife tail give exceptional hook exposure and the flat reflective surface which creates a huge flash on the chrome finishes. Trolling speeds ranging from 1 knot to 5 knots are ideal and twitching of the rod at low trolling speeds will achieve greater action with a more erratic movement.

These Scorpions are bib towed. Halco designed the special towing links that insert into the bib – they are now industry standard. Are the bibs strong? – yes very strong! The bib has been tested by Australian Monofil Company (the makers of the Australian made Platypus Fishing lines) They actually pull out at 145 pounds! These are Bullet proof bibs, designed by Halco and utilise a key and keyway to align the bib perfectly and hold it in tight. Remember, let the unique design do the holding – do not use any glue, it will weaken the plastic.


  • Depth: 2.5m – 3.1m
  • Weight: 8g
  • Length: 68mm
  • Applications: Trolling, Casting
  • Buoyancy: Floating

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Golden Green, Purple Haze, Caviar