Halco Laser Pro 120 DD



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When the Laser Pro 120 is casted, the weights move to the rear of the lure giving a straight trajectory. Upon retrieval, the weights lock in place towards the front of the lure. The Laser Pro 120 is famous for its incredible action when using the “rip and stop” technique.

Pull the lure fast through the water using the rod, then retrieve the slack line and repeat it again. This will often attract a strike from even the wariest of predators.

Use the “rip and stop” technique on the STD version for explosive surface strikes. Note that when the lure stops moving, it is pointing slightly left or right with the nose slightly down. It is then in the ideal position to be “ripped” for an immediate and erratic action. The Laser Pro 120 is also ideal for a slow retrieve with a light twitching movement from the rod tip.


  • Bullet Proof Bib securing system
  • Latest in lure technology
  • Great blue-water trolling lure

Depth: 1m – 2.5m+
Trolling: (STD 3 knots) and (DD 1 – 7 knots)
Weight: 20g
Length: 118mm
Hook: #1 Mustad Trebles
Application: Trolling and Casting
Buoyancy: Floating

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