Daiwa Y20 Saltiga Spinning Reel


Monocoque (MQ)

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Ever since the first Saltiga was released in 2002, the demand for heavy-duty saltwater spinning reels has increased. The original Saltiga set a new standard for this category and has continually evolved. Engineered from drag knob to handle the 20 Saltiga features the most advanced list of features ever.

At the heart of the re-design is the brand new Monocoque (“MQ”) body. A single piece body capable of holding much larger internal gearing components is machined from high-strength aluminum to provide improved sealing. Housed within the MQ body, is a brand-new drive gear, providing gear strength more than double. Diameter has increased 12% against 15 Saltiga, whilst the new G1 Drive Gear is also thicker with a newly designed Tough Digigear concept of larger and deeper cut teeth.


The MQ body in itself is an improvement upon the 15 Saltiga. The single-piece improves the rigidity of the body assembly. Which when used under heavy loads against the ocean’s toughest predators, means 20 Saltiga delivers ultimate strength. The new MQ body also boasts a new rear cover design, eliminating screws from the underside of the reel to improve against intrusion, the cover is also produced from reinforced ABS. Due to improved paint & finishing processes, there is much improved corrosion protection.

The improvements just keep on coming. With a brand-new aluminum Air Rotor delivering more than double the rigidity against 15 Saltiga. The change to an aluminum construction rotor, which comes with increased weight. Clever engineering of the shape, has kept the weight increase to a minimum.

Daiwa has improved the spool & drag. Drag pressures have been increased to 25kg. Limited by the spool capacity, Daiwa created a new drag stack. This increases the number of washers to deliver ten times the drag durability compared to the 15 Saltiga.

The aluminum Radiation Drag Knob delivers improved cooling & heat dissipation. ABS Longcast lip design offers improved casting performance and enhanced line management. A noticeable lack of porting and a unique under-side lip in the spool design is another deliberate strategy. As a result, it minimizes water intrusion under the spool.


The 20 Saltiga is designed to ‘Break Your Record’ with every piece and point carefully selected to help anglers achieve their fishing dreams. Made in Japan and bulging at the seams with tech, 20 Saltiga’s design is like only Daiwa can deliver. Strength and power that only Saltiga can offer.



  • ATD Drag
  • Aluminum Body & Rotor
  • Monocoque Body
  • Mag Sealed (Pinion & Line Roller Plus Two Msbb On Drive Gear)
  • Aluminum Forged Spool
  • Machine Cut Aluminum Handle
  • Aluminum Handle Knob
  • Twistbuster 2 Mag Sealed Line Roller
  • Tough Digigear (G-1 Dura-Aluminum Machined Drive Gear)
  • LC-ABS Spool
  • Air Rotor
  • Air Bail (One Piece)
  • Aluminum Radiation Drag Knob
  • Infinite Anti-Reverse
  • Cross Wrap
  • Manual Bail Trip
  • Ambidextrous winding / retrieve

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