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The Daiwa Rash Vests are great value for money. This is not only due to their price-point, but also because they have multiple uses. They accommodate various facets as well.

The most obvious use of the Daiwa Rash Vests is that they prevent rashes. Beyond that, they come in handy when you are wading, in the sun, and need to stay warm.

So when wading, take your other kit off and wade solely in the Daiwa Rash Vests and Daiwa Rash Pants to cut through the water with no added resistance.

These provide UV protection from the sun and breath incredibly well keeping you quite cool. However, due to the nature of this product, that it sticks tightly to the skin and provides a layer between your body and potentially wet cold clothes, they help to keep you warm as well.

Regarding the facets, this product can be used in every one of them, and for obvious reasons. If you are going to get yourself wet during a fishing trip, you should be wearing these Rash Vests.


  • Lycra
  • Daiwa Branded
  • Comes in Black, White, Powder Blue
  • Sizes from S-5XL

2D Measurements (Flat Surface, Side to Side)

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Black, White, Powder Blue, Neon Green, Orange


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