Daiwa BG MQ Spinning Reel


Monocoque (MQ)

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If you’ve fished the regular Daiwa BG reels, (Big Game not Black and Gold) you already know how great this line up has been for years. Now, take that tried and true design and inject it with steroids for added strength, cranking power, and durability. You now have the Daiwa

Looking closely at the spool, you’ll notice that there is a slight chamfer that allows the line to seemingly fall off without getting hung up. This leads to longer casts for those trying to get their baits out past the breakers. This is also helpful when chucking lures into a crazy boil were a few extra meters could be the difference between getting it in the strike zone or not.

Cranking power has also been enhanced thanks to the BG MQ design. You get a seriously large drive gear in this bad boy. All models seem to benefit from this new design in terms of strength and increased torque delivered from each crank.


  1. Monocoque (MQ) Design

Say goodbye to the two-piece design of yesterday. The new Monocoque body eliminates the needs for side plates, screws, and weak points. This also allows for a more compact design and reduces unnecessary weight.

  1. Metal Alloy Body

The metal body is strong and resists corrosion. This is becoming a favorite in the long casting community who continue to beat up their gear in rough surf while bringing in sharks, rays and other monsters here in South Africa.

  1. ABS Longcast Spool

The modified shape of the spool allows for a better line release when casting. It’s believed to give up to 5% better casting distance, which when coupled with the right surf fishing rig you can get some serious distance with braided line.

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