CliMate Sport Scarf (Mask / Buff / Face Shield)


CliMate Sports Scarf (Mask / Buff / Face Shield)

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From scarf to beanie, headband to full balaclava, the options are endless. This seamless, tubular scarf can be stretched and manipulated into multiple headwear styles to suite all types of activities.

Created to provide protection and comfort needs for fishermen, cyclists, paddlers, runners, hikers, hunters and all outdoor enthusiasts!

High Tech Polyester microfibres allow the skin to breathe while avoiding irritation and rubbing. Moisture evaporates rapidly through the fabric and away from the skin, quickly cooling you down and regulating body temperature. In cooler weather it acts as a traditional scarf and warms you up quickly and keeps you warm in the cold!


  • Available in Various Colours / Patterns
  • Machine washable
  • Adult Unisex
  • Seamless tubular shape
  • UV protection
  • Multi-purpose / multi-functional

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