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The AquaLine Low Cut Booties are designed for diving, to protect your feet against various aspects of the ocean. However, these booties are great for many of the other fishing facets as well.

If you are a bass or carp fisherman, get yourself a pair of these AquaLine booties for the dam to keep your feet clean and not stained. The tread will give you grip where it is slippery. Rather than walking through the water barefoot and risking cuts from glass, these booties will provide some protection. Rock & Surf fisherman will also appreciate these booties for use on the beach. Providing both sun protection, and warmth on a cold night. Fly fisherman can make use of these booties as well. If the water is cold, and you’re on a calm flat stream, these will work perfectly.

The beauty of this product is that they are multi-purpose, adding major value. These booties will be used often.

Many divers choose to use open heel fins for diving and therefore need booties to slide into the fin pocket.
High cut or low cut booties generally refers to how high they sit on the ankle.


  • Top quality neoprene
  • Adjustable toggle
  • 3mm
  • Low Cut

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