With all the flooding and damage, fishing is not the highest priority. Prior to the massive rains the fishing was on a real high. 

Top tip: After the devastating floods that hit Durban this week, we all need to proceed with caution if we are to venture out. This is particularly important if you are going to launch your boat. There is a lot of debris that if floating on or just below the surface waiting for an unsuspecting boat. Please be careful out there and rather go too slow than too fast. This also applies to those going on to the beaches. There is plenty of danger on the beach so just be careful. 


The offshore fishing has been fantastic in the last few weeks with plenty of gamefish to keep the anglers happy. 

North – The north coast has seen a lot of couta action from Umdloti north to Sodwana. Deeper baits have worked very well with a slower troll and a heavier down rigging sinker working well. If you can get your hands on some walla walla then you are almost guaranteed a bigger fish. 

The bottom fishing up north has also been good with most anglers landing good hauls of reds and the boats venturing deeper out getting some interesting specimens.

Central – The snoek have been around the river mouths. The influx of freshwater will create some good hunting lines. Try to fish along the colour lines but please use caution as there is plenty of debris around. 

The couta have been around the deeper drop-offs and have not been too fussed about the type of bait. Just make sure the bait is swimming straight and not spinning and you will be in the game. 

South – The south coast has been much the same as the central coast with snoek and couta making up the bulk of the catches. 

Those travelling out to the shoal have also landed some decent tuna and wahoo while trolling lures around the pinnacles. Colour of the lure haze not been too important but the brighter pinks and purples have produced good results. 

The bottom fishing down south has been fantastic with few boats returning without a hatch of fish. The rockcod have been feeding well so make sure to fish slightly bigger hooks on the bottom of your trace. 

Rock and surf:

The rock and surf fishing will take a while to recover but some areas will clean out and these are the areas to go if you are looking for a fish. 

North – The north coast has been producing some good edible fishing this past week. The stumpies and pompano have been the main targets and some good-sized fish have been landed. Smaller chokka baits, crackers, prawns and sea lice have all been reported as successful. Fish a lighter and longer hook snood as these fish can be fussy feeders. Use about a 4/0 size hook and you will be in line to target these fish. 

Central – The Durban coast has been quiet apart from some shoal pompano around the Umgeni mouth and grey sharks along the beachfront. The flooding will put the Durban area out for the next week or so. 

The areas north of the Umgeni mouth should clear up the fastest. Keep an eye out for the cleaner water and look for snoek jumping on the colour lines. This is a great time to take a walk with your spinning rod in the morning to target these gamefish. 

South – The south coast has been fishing very well for both edibles and inedibles. The bream, shad and kingfish have been feeding around the Toti area but most rocky areas along the south coast will have these fish present. Live baits are a great choice at this time of year as the Garrick are sure to show up very soon and the kingfish are also too happy to eat a small live bait. 

The inedibles have been around on the deeper points with both flatfish and sharks being landed in the last week. 


The freshwater fishing has been doing well on all fronts. The flooding will hamper the fishing for a while and it is probably safer to stay home for a bit. Be safe. 

Bass – The bass fishing has been fantastic. We are moving to the colder months so the fishing will start to slow down but the bass don’t seem to know that. 

Moving lures and minnow imitations have been the most successful of the patterns mentioned. Spinnerbaits and cranks have been the best of the methods mentioned. Colours have not been too important but make sure you use more chartreuse colours if the water has a bit of colour. 

Carp – The carp fishing has been slow but productive. With the Dow of dirtier water into the dams from the recent rains, you will want to have a stronger scent on your bait. Garlic is one of the best scents to add when there is a lot of mud as this stays pungent even when covered in mud. Mielies are a great option as they will stay on the hook longer and will survive the onslaught of the smaller fish. 

Trout – The trout fishing is getting better and better. The rivers and Stillwaters are fishing well. The rivers are flowing strong so make sure you either use heavier flies or fish higher up where the streams start. The higher altitude streams will fish well with dries while the faster waters are the home of tungsten nymphs. 

The Stillwaters will start fishing better in the next few weeks. Orange is going to become a very important colour as we move towards the spawn so stock up on the right flies. 

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