Maxima Nylon Fishing Line


Maxima Nylon Fishing Line

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Maxima has been successfully producing Nylon Fishing Line since the 1950’s and is still considered among the best in the world. Maxima is extremely strong, holds knots well and is very resistant to abrasion.


  • 600m Spools
  • Marine Green, Ultra Green and Tuna Blue

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Marine Green, Tuna Blue, Ultra Green


10Kg / 20Lb .42mm, 12.5Kg / 25Lb .50mm, 16Kg / 30Lb .55mm, 17Kg / 35Lb .57mm, 18Kg / 40Lb .60mm, 4.5Kg / 10Lb .30mm, 5.5Kg / 12Lb .32mm, 7Kg / 15Lb .37mm

Spool Size

600m Spool

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