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The KingFisher Seat Box is suitable for all facets of fishing. It has a classic design and can fit a lot of gear.

The box has a top section with dividers and slits for lures, bait, tools, and other tackle. On the under-side of the lid, is 4 built-in boxes with lids, that can be used for the likes of terminal tackle or any other items that you would want quick access to.

Beneath the top section is deep storage. We have included 6 loose EVA Foam dividers for you to separate your gear accordingly. This will work very well when packing things like a windbreaker, as well as reels. You can keep your gear apart by type. The KingFisher Seat Box comes in an Olive/Black, along with a nylon strap and rubber shoulder pad. Aside from this tackle box being practical, it also functions as a seat.

Want to sit down while making a bait, or after landing a PB? Look no further!

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Weight 1.86 kg
Dimensions 38 × 36 × 23 cm