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This fish is an aggressive predator of small shoaling fish and squid. It will chase these into shallow water on an incoming tide and can often be seen in the waves. Look out for small fish jumping out of the water. A good time to pursue them is early morning and before sunset, although they are often active at night.

Shad are equipped with sharp teeth and can destroy a sardine fillet bait in seconds, so the hook must be set quickly, the best all round bait is fresh sardine, either whole or as a half fillet presented with the tail toward the cork float.

Typical Bite

Two or three sharp tugs in rapid succession. Set the hook and keep the rod tip high while retrieving the fish.


  • The trace must be secured to your nylon using the ring of the swivel that has the hook secured to it.
  • The shad can be used successfully as a live bait for kingfish, barracuda, kob and garrick. Shad make excellent eating and are best eaten fresh.

Permits, bag and size restrictions

All saltwater anglers require a national fishing permit obtainable from any post office. Almost all fish species have bag and size restrictions which are subject to change. Please familiarize yourself with these.

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