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This fish is herbivorous and feeds almost exclusively on seaweeds, it is inclined to be  resident of its particular area. It should be pursued in relatively shallow water and will feed close to submerged rocks where waves create aeration in the water. It favours clean water that is not too warm. It does not feed well after a rapid change in weather or temperature, and becomes more active after a prevailing South Westerly wind in Natal, and a South Easterly wind in the Cape. The Bronze Bream can be caught on any tide, however low tide is generally when rocks are more accessible. Look for a submerged rock that is likely to have an abundant growth of seaweed. You can use pink prawn, preferably shelled, crayfish and mussels, however it will take other baits on occasion.

Typical Bite

You will be able to distinguish between the sharp tugs of other small fish and the gentle but relatively heavy movement of the bait when the bronze bream bites. Lift your rod slightly. You will need skill to land this fish from the rocks.

Pro Tips

  • The Bronze Bream moves close to the rocks, amongst the weeds and takes the bait out of the swirling water above the ground, hence the float.
  • This trace must be secured to your nylon using the ring of the swivel that has the hook secured to it, use the other for your sinker.
  • The Bronze Bream is a fine table fish.
  • Always sharpen your hooks and ensure the hook point is exposed when baited.

Permits, Bag and Size Restrictions

All saltwater anglers require a National Fishing Permit obtainable from any post office. Almost all fish species have bag and size restrictions which are subject to change. Please familiarize yourself with these.

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