Kingfisher Poseidon Jigging Stick Rod 6′ 200-400G


Kingfisher Poseidon Jigging Stick Rod 6′ 200-400G

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The latest range of Kingfisher Poseidon Jigging rods are designed to introduce a new generation of anglers to the exciting world of jigging. Developed alongside the ever-popular E-glass offshore range, this jigging rod can stand up to the brutal strikes and maximum tackle stress during a heated battle.

The rod is incredibly strong, allowing you to muscle a fish to the boat quickly and has heavy-duty components which won’t fail at the critical moment.

The rod is the ideal great-value choice for anglers looking for robust rod so that they still experience the thrill of vertical jigging for offshore gamefish. This 6′ popping rod is best suited to 200-400g lures.


  • Length 6′
  • Designed to pair with Spinning Reel
  • Jig Weight: 200 to 400g
  • Colour Black
  • Reel Type Spinning

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