Daiwa Sensor Carp Nylon Fishing Line


Daiwa Sensor Carp Nylon

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Daiwa Sensor Carp Nylon Fishing Line, the No. 1 Carp line, has scooped multiple awards, landing two British record Carp. It is popular with anglers across all disciplines.

With a reputation for exceptional reliability and rugged performance, Daiwa Sensor line has amazing durability, suppleness, consistent diameter and superb knot strength.

Supplied in a bulk spool that can be used to load numerous reels.


  • Colour Brown
  • Monofilament Nylon

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2.7Kg / 6Lb .24mm, 3.6Kg / 8Lb .26mm, 4.5Kg / 10Lb .31mm, 5.4Kg / 12Lb .33mm, 6.8Kg / 15Lb .37mm

Spool Size

1160m Spool, 1325m Spool, 1855m Spool, 2320m Spool, 925m Spool

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