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Fishing Reports

16TH JULY 2014After the cold front and a decent drop in water temperature, fishing has come alive somewhat and a wider variety of species seem to be on the run. Anglers have been lucky enough to hook into some excellent species over the weekend. Rock n Surf – Kosi Bay - Some big seas stopped most fair weather fishermen from taking part in their weekend rituals, with only smaller edibles being landed by the die hards braving the big seas. Some bigger Bone fish have b...Read more

9TH JULY 2014 A tough weeks fishing all round and a cold front over the weekend proved to be detrimental to angling but with most holiday makers filling the beaches, at least some fish were brought to sand, including some nice Garrick. Rock n Surf- Kosi Bay - Kosi Bay had many anglers targeting Kingfish and other bigger species during the week, with little success. Anglers fishing light tackle with smaller baits hooked into a few ...Read more

2ND JULY 2014.With no shortage of fish on the North Coast and the South Coast stretch, holiday makers seemed to have been blessed with what they came for!  Shad have kept the whole family busy while bigger species seem to be more present for the more serious angler.Rock n Surf –Kosi Bay - It was nice to hear of a few Black Fin Sharks that came on the bite last week. The flatter, calm, clean water has caused these Sharks to start feeding. Shad have also been on the bite as...Read more

25TH JUNE 2014 Exciting news! The annual Kingfisher “Just Rods Clearance Sale” starts this Thursday the 26th June – Saturday 28th June!  As we move towards the season of big seas and strong winds, Mother Nature decided to give us a bit of a taste of what is to come. Almost an entire week of big seas has meant that anglers would have kept fishing to a minimum. With the fish coming ...Read more

18TH JUNE 2014 After two cold fronts pulling through, we have finally seen the drop in sea temperature which is sure to assist in the movement of not only the Garrick and Kob up the coast, but hopefully the Sardines as well. Although temperatures have been very low, anglers have had a great time over the last week with a variety of species from the surf and off the boats. Rock and Surf: Kosi Bay - B...Read more

11TH JUNE 2014 FISHING REPORT 11TH JUNE 2014 Extremely cold conditions left most of our fishing spots rather empty over the last week, but despite this, anglers who braved the cold were successful in their efforts. Rock n Surf: Kosi Bay was the last spot to be hit with the cold front, this meant that over last week, quite a few anglers were seen on its shores. Not much has changed from the previous weeks reports of edible fish catches,&nbs...Read more

4TH JUNE 2014Half way through the year and well into winter, anglers find themselves traveling a bit further to make a day’s angling worthwhile. With no shortage of fish in the Zululand stretch and the KZN South Coast, it seems that long distance trips for the week or weekend have paid off. Rock n Surf: Kosi Bay- Many smaller Bone fish on Chokka baits are being landed, this is great fun on light tackle with light braid ...Read more

28TH MAY 2014Excellent weather predictions forecasted for the week and weekend to come may see many anglers flock to the waters to try get in on the action. Not only rock and surf angling but also Ski boat angling has been extremely productive whether it’s Shad or Sharks everybody has been having a blast. Rock n Surf  Kosi Bay- Over the last week anglers have tried their luck at Kosi bay and surroundings with much success. There ...Read more

21ST MAY 2014 Offshore winds have started blowing in the evenings and early mornings and the aloes are in bud and ready to bloom. With plenty of bait fish in the water and bait birds diving around, the signs for our annual sardine are here. Now is the time to hear of the first sardine activity along the south east cape shores and as the water temperature drops, hopefully we will have a good run this year.   At the...Read more

14TH MAY 2014Year after year, half of our fishing community awaits one particular species. A species that has been as popular as any other due to its ability to be caught by dozens and not only on bait, but spoon, drop shot and other artificial lures. Yes, it’s none other than our Shad or Elf as our South Coasters call them. It is at this point in the year that we start to see good numbers coming through, as we already have. Time to stock up on needle point hooks and steel trace as we seem to be in for a ...Read more

8TH MAY 2014For most, this time of year entails coffee in bed and late starts, but for the others who are committed to angling through the cold, there are big rewards as winter is Natal's time of year for awesome edibles and the species that move up from the ...Read more

30TH APRIL 2014Anglers finally have a break after a very busy week and weekend of fishing competitions and with a small front expected Thursday afternoon, this leaves plenty of time to prepare for the excellent weather predicted for the weekend. ...Read more

23RD APRIL 2014KZN was lucky enough to have some incredible weather over the last week and weekend, with sunny skies and only hints of wind to keep us cool. The sea has been as flat as a dam for the majority of the weekend and fishing could not have been more pleasant. ...Read more

16TH APRIL 2014Wind, wind and more wind is what anglers had to compete with over the last week, but against the odds, many anglers still had a great time landing some very nice fish. Ski boaters had a tough time finding a gap to launch, but grabbed every opportunity with both hands....Read more

9TH APRIL 2014With water temperature plummeting and the species count increasing steadily, the winter species have started to move through and more and more anglers can be seen on our beaches and out at sea targeting winter fish all over KZN. ...Read more

2ND APRIL 2014Despite the cold and off coloured water, anglers have still managed to keep themselves busy, filling hatches and score cards. As April approaches we should hopefully start seeing settled weather as we move into a lovely time of year for fishing. There are numerous public holidays coming up so it’s really a great time to get out there and see what’s biting....Read more

26TH MARCH 2014An abundance of different species and big fish throughout the province has given us some hope for the winter months. With many species being landed on the boat, rock and surf and in our dams, we have a lot to look forward to in the months to come. ...Read more

19TH MARCH 2014After a week of rough seas and bad weather, last week saw more fishable days and a lot more edible fish being landed. Rains during the week have been the cause of dirty waters, but despite this, angling has been productive....Read more

12TH MARCH 2014Records broken and happy anglers all round, last week saw some awesome angling throughout, Ski Boat fishing seems to have come alive with the coming of the long awaited Couta. Not just one or two of them, but generous offerings all round! Rock and surf anglers experienced some turbulent waters but did well on the fishable days. ...Read more

5TH MARCH 2014Anglers that are willing to travel should look no further than going up to ...Read more

26TH FEBRUARY 2014After a good few months of extremely good inedible fishing from the s...Read more

19TH FEBRUARY 2014Anglers far and wide have had yet another week of excellent angling from big Black Fin Sharks to Grunter, Sailfish to Daga Salmon and everything in-between. There was little to no bad reports over the last week and it’s been an absolute pleasure to hear of all the fun...Read more

12TH FEBRUARY 2014FISHING REPORT 12 FEBRUARY 2014. After what one could only describe as "fishing mayhem" over the last three weeks along our coast line, things have eventually started to cool down a bit, with anglers finding themselves putting in more hours to get results. For some, this was not the case, as they proceeded to dive head first into some great offshore angling, with many stories of "the big one that got away". Rock n' Surf....Read more

5TH FEBRUARY 2014After three...Read more

29TH JANUARY 2014With weather and sea conditions being on the angler’s side, there was absolutely NO excuse for anybody not to go fishing over the last week. High volumes of boat anglers and surf anglers alike were seen at their favorite spot with many a fish to brag about. The rock and surf fundi’s...Read more

22ND JANUARY 2014For the majority of anglers in and around Natal, f...Read more

15TH JANUARY 2014FISHING REPORT 17TH JANUARY 2014. With 2014 well on its way and most of our locals back from holiday, it is nice to see the fishing starting off strong. Despite weather conditions this last week some good results have come through. Rock n' Surf. Kosi Bay – Kosi is known this time of the year for its massive Kingfish smashes and excellent Shark angling, however things have been ...Read more

8TH JANUARY 2014With most of our holiday makers making their way back home over the weekend to get back in time for the opening of schools and work, the local fishing spots resembled ghost towns. This was a big relief to our local boys but it was sad to see all our up country visitors departing....Read more

2ND JANUARY 2014The Kingfisher wishes all of our customers a prosperous 2014 and even tighter lines than in 2013. Many on holiday have taken advantage of the hot summer days with earlier sunrise and a later sunset – it just means extra hours of fishing. Typically this time of the year bigger Skates, Sand Sharks and Kingfish...Read more

24TH DECEMBER 2013The Kingfisher wishes all it’s patrons happy holidays and a prosperous New Year. On the fishing side the Rock and Surf guys have had a real good run both North and South with good catches of Sand Sharks, bigger Grunter, Shad and Pompano. The weather seems to have settled down and for most, the ...Read more

18TH DECEMBER 2013With Christmas less than a week away, Anglers have been forced to fight crowds at the Mall rather than on the beaches. This is not so bad considering that the weather has not been the best and the fish seem to be popping up here and there and disappearing as quickly as they came. There have been mixed bags a...Read more

11TH DECEMBER 2013Even with the adverse weather conditions, the die-hard Anglers have still managed to get some fish. The barometric pressure did not deviate much and this also kept fish on the bite. Some bigger fish came out in the ...Read more

6TH DECEMBER 2013With the weather playing ball there were a lot more days of fishing. The big wind blew itself out last Saturday and Sunday was a pearl of a day for fishing, same as Tuesday and Wednesday this week. Guys are still getting the typical summer species with lots of big Sharks, Skates and edi...Read more

27TH NOVEMBER 2013This past weekend saw the KZNCAU fish this Postal Annual Meet, the event was well attended, even though the conditions weren’t the best. Congratulations to Megaladon who ended up winning as well as to all the Prize winners. The typical summer species are coming out in better numbers with a lot ...Read more

20TH NOVEMBER 2013With some good weather in the beginning of last week, a lot of the spinning enthusiasts were out trying their luck to target some Snoek from the beach. From Thursday onwards the weather took a turn with stronger winds and rain. This did not allow for too much fishing but those that ventured ou...Read more

13TH NOVEMBER 2013Snoek: We will catch them at Blue Lagoon; we will catch them at Beachwood and will find them at Virginia too. The Spinning enthusiasts had some great fun during the last week, w...Read more

6TH NOVEMBER 2013As we all know, when the rains come, the waters change colour and it also brings with it a lot of debris. Many of the popular spots have been rendered unfishable due to large amounts of Seaweed, Reeds and litter that is still in the water after the big rains. The water colour has however starte...Read more

30TH OCTOBER 2013The Rock and Surf Anglers were probably the only ones that were happy with the big storms and heavy weather during last week and over the weekend. The rivers have had a chance to clean out and in a few days’ time the off colour water will definitely be the hunting ground for the typical summer ...Read more

25th October 2013The recently held triangular which was fished in the East London area, which saw Kwazulu-Natal, Eastern Province and Border competing. Kwazulu-Natal Seniors were a comfortable first place with EP beating Border. The top Angler was local boy Grayson – well done to you. Many areas along t...Read more

18 OCTOBER 2013 And what do you get after two days of rain…. Monday! Seems like the last two weekends have been a case of Monday to Friday great, Saturday and Sunday written off, I ask you what h...Read more

11 OCTOBER 2013 FISHING REPORT 11TH OCTOBER 2013. If anyone said that October would be this windy, people would laugh at them. Although towards the end of the week, the winds did kick up, we did have some time this past week where the weather was amicable to those wanting to throw a line. With the Shad season closed, Garrick have been caught on various other live baits including Karanteen and Blacktail. With a large number of Brown Skates around, summer is definite...Read more

2ND OCTOBER 2013The horrible weekend weather is a thing of the past and hopefully Anglers can look forward to calmer weather and better fishing conditions. There were mixed results along the majority of the coastline due to bigger seas and stronger winds, especially towards the end of the week. Congratulations to the winner...Read more

25TH SEPTEMBER 2013What a week for big Shad! Currently the third place is held by a fish of 3.64 kilos, while both first and second are tied at 4.28 kilos. The weather also played ball this last week, which allowed Anglers more time at the water, with a mixed bag of catches being caught up and down the coastline. It seems thou...Read more

20TH SEPTEMBER 2013Further along into September and the Shad Competition has really started to heat up – the leading fish is 3.64 kilos, second 2.9 kilos and third 2.1 kilos. With two weeks left to go, come on guys get those Shad in. The weekend weather was fantastic and the short lived storm on Friday night did not do too much...Read more

11TH SEPTEMBER 2103The September Shad competition seems to be on fire compared to the August Competition: the heaviest Shad so far is 2.94 kilos, 2nd place is 2.10 kilos, 1.52 filling in the third spot. The son of last months’ winner is currently holding on to 2nd place, talk about Anglers k...Read more

4TH SEPTEMBER 2013Congratulations to our August winners for the biggest Shad competition, the winning fish was 1.8 kilos, whilst second and third prizes went to the same Angler with two fish one of 1.6 and 1.5 kilos. The September competition has got off to a flying start with a lovely fish of 2.94 kgs currently...Read more

28TH AUGUST 2013The biggest Shad competition for the month of August got off to a somewhat slower start, but has picked up along the way. Currently the first place is 1.8 kilos, second 1.6 kilos and third 1.5 kilos.  Usually late August will produce bigger Shad so come on guys keep on trying. There are some rea...Read more

21ST AUGUST 2013It would seem that the last week has seen the weather Gods, taking poor Poseidon to task. There have been some big seas and strong winds, which haven’t made for ideal fishing conditions. That said Anglers are still putting their best foot forward in terms of the August Shad competition. The current leading fish is 1.60 kgs. So come on guys and girls, wi...Read more

14TH AUGUST 2013Guys remember that the Shad competition is still wide open. Only two fish have been weighed, the first prize sitting at 0.60 kgs whilst second prize is 0.50 kgs. So make sure you get your fish in at The Kingfisher, Tackle Centre (Kingsmead) or The Fishing Tackle Shop (Warner Beach) in order to claim your prize. The weather conditions are ...Read more

7TH AUGUST 2013Like most things in life, all good things come to those who wait. That was so true for those Anglers who waited for the right conditions and after having 2 or 3 days Easterly they took good advantage of the fishing before the West came through. Although mostly Shad and a few Garrick, there were also some nice Flatfish and Gr...Read more

31ST JULY 2013Early last week the fishing started off somewhat quiet with not many fish being reported all along the coastline, and then all hell broke loose on Friday. It seemed to be that the fish had gone on an early weekend and with near perfect conditions, some lucky Anglers really got stuck in, especially in the afternoon and evening sessions. Th...Read more

24TH JULY 2013On the fishing front it is unusually quiet for this time of year, there are usually very good catches of Shad and Garrick coming out by this time, and are usually smaller pockets of Sardines working their way up the coastline. Hopefully with the colder water we could expect the Sardines to move up the coast from where they are at Hole in ...Read more

17TH JULY 2013Winter fishing has been a bit of a here today gone tomorrow, as reports received have been of fish coming out one day and nothing the next. The lower South Co...Read more

10TH JULY 2013Winter is definitely in the air and those that have gotten up early enough can surely feel it. There is still a fair number of Shad around, although they are here today and gone tomorrow and most of the popular sites have started to see better sized fish. The lower ...Read more

3RD JULY 2013The Rock and Surf Anglers have had more than their fair share of Shad both - North and South. From August remember the Kingfishers’ biggest Shad competition will kick off for the next 2 months, with some fantastic prizes up for grabs. Hopefully some bigger Shad will also be around. ...Read more

26TH JUNE 2013There is a definite nip in the air which is a sure sign that winter is just upon us. Fishing has definitely improved and the Shad seem to have come of age as well. Most fish are now legal size and can be targeted early morning and sometimes right up to as late as lunchtime. The silver demons are still in the ...Read more

20TH JUNE 2013With the weather settling down nicely into the typical winter patterns, bar a few cold fronts, anglers can look forward to consistent weather and some good days fishing. The nip is definitely in the air for those getting up early to target Shad and the elusive Garrick. The Sardines have also started to inch their way up the ...Read more

12TH JUNE 2013Our Our local scribe Wayne is away on holiday for a few days so please accept our apologies, thi...Read more

5TH JUNE 2013Well it was a very quiet week for the Rock and Surf Anglers, a few of the lucky ones landed some small Shad but other than that the fishing was very quiet indeed; the lower South ...Read more

31st MAY 2013Last week was somewhat disappointing in as much as the weather was perfect, there were very few fish around.  The morning sessions are still proving more fruitful for the edible Anglers and the evenings for non-edible anglers. The North Coast was somewhat quieter,...Read more

24th of May 2013Good news for all Anglers the winter bait fish have arrived. Redeye, Bonnito and a few Mackerel have become somewhat more plentiful, as well as a few more spots producing Shad of a legal size. The weather conditions have also started to play along and we can expect good fishing and hopefully a bumper Sardine r...Read more

16TH MAY 2013A note to all readers of the weekly fishing report is that the report is done retrospectively, this means that the report you receive or find in the newspaper on a Friday is based on the previous weeks catches, weather patterns etc. Due to time restraints for submissions to the various media, unfortunately we cannot do it any other way. Now that the tec...Read more

9TH MAY 2013Many a weekend Anglers plans were put paid to due to the cold front moving in. Some lucky Anglers that could fish on Friday night did manage to land a few fish. It seems that the typical winter species have now arrived, with more Kob and Garrick being caught in more locations. It might be dark and slightly colder in the morn...Read more

30TH APRIL 2013The weather patterns have definitely fallen into line and are a lot more predictable. The weekend weather was undoubtedly the best we have had yet so far and many Anglers took good advantage of these top conditions. There were a fair number of fish caught along the coastline. The winter species being most prominent with a fe...Read more

24TH APRIL 2013Talk about unpredictable conditions, this last weeks’ weather has been something straight out of a Freddy Kruger movie.  Lots of wind, big seas and strong currents have had most Anglers swearing at the popular weather sites. Not many fish were caught due to these adverse conditions but there is ...Read more

17TH APRIL 2013It seemed the Rock and Surf Anglers had a battle of the North vs. the South, preliminary results received from this weekend Postal round showed a tale of two equally hard fought battles. The sea was generally calm during the week but towards the weekend suddenly got up on its head creating a fair bit of confusion as to where...Read more

10TH APRIL 2013It has definitely been a tough week for any Anglers trying to fish off the beach, the water has been cold and a lot of spots had a lot of seaweed to contend with as well. Generally the weather now for this time of the year starts to settle and is more predictable so fishing should definitely improve. With a slight nip in the...Read more

03RD APRIL 2013Anyone who looked at a popular website with regards to weather would have written off this weekend for Rock and Surf completely. It’s a pleasant surprise when the predicted weather changes to very favourable conditions and all the Anglers that took part in the Durban Beachfront Fishing Festival were greatly relieved when the...Read more

27TH MARCH 2013Sunday is D-Day, the annual Durban Beachfront Shore Fishing Festival starts at 05H00, what does the O stand for, OH MY GOSH ITS EARLY! The briefing is on the Saturday and this competition is open to all. With R50000 cash prize for the biggest Spotted Grunter. The R150 entrance fee is well worth it. There will also be free fi...Read more

19TH MARCH 2013As can be expected the westerly came through slightly earlier than was anticipated, which left Saturday morning for the early risers an ideal opportunity to fish. For those that did get up early there were a few fish and it seems that with the change in temperature of the water some spots experienced lock jaw while other spo...Read more

13TH MARCH 2013With the recent cold front now behind us the Rock and Surf Anglers can once again look forward to better weather and more fishing. The forecast for the next few days looks good as there are four days of North Easterly winds. Some lucky Anglers were lucky to get in before the bad weather set in and managed to land some nice fish all along the coastline. ...Read more

6TH MARCH 2013With the Annual Kingfisher Stock take a thing of the past we would like to thank all our loyal customers for their patience.  With some lovely weather conditions and the wind playing its part the last week has seen a lot more Anglers taking to the beaches and it is a good sight to see the family unit o...Read more

27TH FEBRUARY 2013With the neap tides a thing of the past and two spectacular fishing days namely Saturday and Sunday, if you didn’t put a line out you were either watching rugby or had no excuse. Towards the end of last week everything came together although the waves were somewhat bigger there were still a number of spots that Rock and Surf Anglers could try. A real bonus is that some...Read more

20TH FEBRUARY 2013Rock and Surf Due to some gr...Read more

13TH FEBRUARY 2013We are half way through February and it seems as the weather is not playing the game, the winds are not consistent, the rainfall has been higher and as a consequence there is a lot of dirty water around and plenty of weed. This has not deterred some Anglers from putting a line out with mixed results all along the coastline. ...Read more

06TH FEBRUARY 2013Last week saw some rather interesting weather conditions with some beautiful mornings and wind during the day and the most perfect evenings. For the Rock and Surf Anglers it was an ideal time to get up early in the morning – try and target some pelagic species from deep water points and take the kids down for an evening drop...Read more

30TH FEBRUARY 2013With the weather Gods playing their part, a lot more fishing time was had this last week; and Sunday was an absolute pearler of a day. Typical for this time of year, fishing seems to be an on – off affair. The ...Read more

23RD JANUARY 2013With very hot days over the past week and a large amount of rainfall, the sea has not been at its best but is still somewhat fishable. The North Coast ...Read more

16TH JANUARY 2013Some areas experienced some large swells during the neap tide period and although the weather wasn’t fantastic some lovely fish were caught along the coast. The typical summer species Pompano, Stumpnose, some Skates and a Sand Shark in the mix as well....Read more

09TH JANUARY 2013Summer weather is in full swing although the winds have not seemed to have their patterns right. There has been no predominant wind to either blow away the seaweed or wash it up onto shore. Hopefully the Neep tides will have helped settle the sea and more fish will be caught. The usual summer suspects are in full swing; namely Skates, Rag...Read more

02ND JANUARY 2013The Kingfisher hopes all readers enjoyed a wonderful festive season and will have a prosperous 2013. Due to numerous contacts enjoying extended holidays away this will unfortunately be a somewhat briefer report than usual. Lots of seaweed and continuous North easterly winds bringing it onto the shoreline, has made many popular destinations difficult to fish. ...Read more

19TH DECEMBER \'12Don’t forget to watch the action packed fishing shows on TV. These shows feature both saltwater and freshwater fishing and are aired on Super Sport 6 as well as on Kyknet. ...Read more

12TH DECEMBER \'12With the one or two days of lovely weather that we have had summer is definitely here. As proof of this a lot of Sand Sharks were caught along the entire coast this past weekend as well as Diamonds, Brown Skates and some Honeycombs. For the edible Anglers there are still big Shad and Kingfish around. With a better weather forecast for the...Read more

05TH DECEMBER 2012With unpredictable weather last week it was definitely a case of fish when you can. Some small Shad, Skates and Grey Sharks were the main species caught. The dirty water now could mean a good time for the non-edible Anglers. The Edible Anglers can fish around the banks and moving water for Grunter and Stumpnose. Shad season ...Read more

28TH NOVEMBER 2102Sun, sales and Shad are all on the cards for this week. The weatherman will have us believe that we are in for good weather and some bright sunshine, excellent for fishing and early starts at sunrise. The annual Kingfisher sale will be underway and concludes on the 2nd of December....Read more

21ST NOVEMBER 2012With good weather and the sea in a better condition a lot more anglers have been at the beach. The recent KZNCAU annual meet was won by Leviathions so well done guys. The usual summer suspects are around in the form of Kingfish species, Brown skates and Sand Sharks. ...Read more

15TH NOVEMBER 2012With the large volume of summer flat fish and last weekends’ weather summer is here in all its glory. All facets of Angling produced some good catches. The days are longer which means more fishing time and the wind also seems to be playing its part as well. ...Read more

9th November 2012Summer seems to have arrived although with last week’s wind and rain, it definitely leaves one scratching their head. The fish however have got it right and a lot of the summer species are here. Let’s hope for more carefree summer days, less wind and rain and some serious fishing action. For those that put the winter months to good use, ...Read more

2nd November 2012That funny blue, green, white thing aka the sea – has more resembled a washing machine on a triple rinse and spin cycle. Strong winds, lots of rain and yet fish have still come out. What a crazy world we live in but all Anglers alike we love it! Conditions haven’t been fantastic yet t...Read more

24TH OCTOBER 2012Is it summer yet? With sudden cold spells, big seas and rain, we can only hope the weather will improve soon. The recent KZNCAU Annual Meet was pretty much a scratching affair with a few bonus fish providing the highlights. Congratulations must go to HL&H who won the event. Kingfish are definitely around and the fishing ...Read more

19th OCTOBER 2012With the past weekend’s lovely weather and two perfect days for fishing the warmer weather is definitely here. With this the water temperature is also increasing and means some nice fish are being caught all over. Hopefully this same weather will hold out for the KZNCAU Annual Meet Competition this weekend. ...Read more

10TH OCTOBER 2012With better weather for most of last week and the winds playing their part, some good catch results were forthcoming. It seems that the summer fish are here with a vengeance and have definitely arrived earlier than what was expected. Carpe Diem means you get the fish and you still get to work on time....Read more

5th October 2012The Kingfisher wishes to congratulate the following winners for the September Biggest Shad Competition in first place, Deon Naidoo wins the Kingfisher Poseidon 5pc Gold Class Rod, 2nd place goes to Nazeer Rahiman who won the Daiwa SL50SH Reel and in 3rd place Logan...Read more

26TH SEPTEMBER 2012The current standings in the Kingfisher biggest Shad competition are 1st place 5.93 kgs, 2nd place 5.06 kgs and 3rd place 3.46kgs. There are still a few days left, to catch that big one and bring it in for weighing before the 31st. Remember to also check our website and Facebook pa...Read more

19TH SEPTEMBER 2012An appeal to all coastal shore fishermen. We are heading for trouble with the filth being left on our beaches. This year’s successful Shad run has just exacerbated matters further. If we still want to be able to fish our coastline we have all got to behave a whole lot more responsibly, clean up after ourselves and encourage...Read more

12TH SEPTEMBER 2012Anglers are enjoying the Shad run that we are experiencing at the moment and these fish are just about everywhere. Although some are on the small side, the majority seem to be well oversized. Traditional Shad spots are producing very well but crowds do become a problem from time to time. ...Read more

05TH SEPTEMBER 2012Our scribe is on holiday for a few days, but the fishing report must be written so here we...Read more

29TH AUGUST 2012The Kingfisher Biggest Shad Competition for the month of August is nearly at a close. Currently to get into third place you would need a Shad weighing 3.3kg’s or more. The last week has seen the leader boards change at a fast and furious pace with two 5+kilo Shad currently in first and second position. The strange thing is that both of these huge Shad h...Read more

22ND AUGUST 2012With the windy conditions and big seas over the weekend the conditions were somewhat difficult for competitive Anglers as well as the social ones. However, a number of Anglers definitely put their best foot forward and the leader board for the Kingfisher Biggest Shad Competition is changing daily. The current 3 positions are held by Jafar...Read more

15th August 2012With a Bumper Shad season – a number of lovely fish have been caught and the current standings in the Kingfisher Competition are: 1st Rajan Govender with a Shad of 0.790kg’s, 2nd Collin Geithire – 0.694kgs and 3rd Frikkie Morris with a 0.664kg’s Shad....Read more

08TH AUGUST 212Just a reminder: The Kingfisher Annual Shad Competition is in full swing and as yet no Shad have been entered. The competition runs during the months of August and September and there are fantastic prizes up for grabs. The heaviest Shad wins so come on guys get fishing. You got to be in it to win it. Remember the Shad need t...Read more

01ST AUGUST 2012The Kingfisher Annual Shad competition has started and will be running during the months of August and September. There are fantastic prizes up for grabs. Basically the heaviest Shad will win and all fish must be presented at The Kingfisher to be weighed during normal trading hours. No frozen fish will be accepted. ...Read more

25TH JULY 2012Towards the end of the week, strong winds and big swells made for tough fishing conditions. It seems the Shad and Garrick have firmly planted themselves along the entire coastline from Margate right through to ...Read more

18TH JULY 2012On the 1St August, The Kingfisher starts their “Biggest Shad Competition”. This year it will be run over a two month period, August and September, with three prizes each month. The heaviest shad  for each month will receive a 14’ Kingfisher Poseidon Cold Class, 5pc Graphite Surf Rod, valued at R1, 875.00, the ...Read more

11TH JULY 2012With the water temperature remaining around the 22 degree mark, the Sardines seem to be holed up down South and are awaiting cooler water. There have been a small number of Sards netted, however not the norm for this time of year. Hopefully we can expect some cooler weather and then these fish should then be on the move. Reports that we h...Read more

04TH JULY 2012The Sardines have officially arrived with confirmed reports of Sardines being netted on the lower South Coast. The good news is that you can now...Read more

27TH JUNE 2012There are still a few days to “Like” the Kingfisher on Facebook to stand a chance to win a Daiwa Saltiga 3 piece Surf rod. There are 6 models to choose from valued from R2295 to R4495. Winner to be announced Tues...Read more

20TH JUNE 2012The Kingfisher is running a great competition; all you need to do is like them on Facebook and stand a chance to win the new Daiwa Saltiga 3 piece Surf rod. There are 6 models to choose from valued from R2295 to R4495. Winner to be announced Tuesday 3rd...Read more

15th June 2012With the weekend chill a thing of the past, we can hopefully look forward to better weather and better fishing conditions. Although this cold front was unwelcome by some – it was just what the doctor ordered in order to get the Sardines moving. Some unconfirmed reports have been received of bird activity in the Port Edward...Read more

8th June 2012For those that follow the weather reports it looks like this weekend will have some big seas with 3+ metre waves. Hopefully the weather man is wrong and we can all look forward to some excellent fishing. The silver bullets are still hanging around the Waterfall Bluff area with a very large shoal +/- 20 kilometres sitting o...Read more

1st June 2012With last week’s cold front now a thing of the past, the water temperatures have really fluctuated. We are in a sort of transition stage – not quite full winter and definitely not summer. Hopefully as the colder weather comes in we can expect a lot more of the winter species along our coastline....Read more

22ND MAY 2012Sardines have appeared off East London and also there have been sightings of many birds on the water just south of the Wild Coast Sun. This is ...Read more

16TH MAY 2012Hail to the computer techies for fixing my trustworthy stead, I may now gallop forward to glory. As we draw closer to dark and cold mornings with the sun seeming to take forever to raise, that wonderful phenomenon known as the Sardine Run is upon us, more details to follow further into the report…....Read more

08TH MAY 2012With most of the competitions now over, life is returning to a somewhat normal pace. The smallest boats and local Anglers are once again free to try their luck. There are still a few nice fish about and with Spring tides recently passed, the fishing can only improve....Read more

04TH MAY 2012With so many competitions this weekend it is really difficult to choose which is the best. In order to keep it simple – there were 6 competitions in all, we will give you the results of the 2 most popular, that being the ...Read more

25TH APRIL 2012Rock and Surf ...Read more

18TH APRIL 2012Kob are on the bite but are proving very unpredictable as to which spot and it would seem that shoals are moving up and down the shoreline and it's a case of being at the right spot at the right time. The human factor tends to create a perception for the best time to catch fish and although so o...Read more

11TH APRIL 2012With the weather being perfect this last week, many more hours have been spent on and around the water with just rewards. The long weekend had a number of away trips and some of those very fruitful. ...Read more

04TH APRIL 2012If Thor could throw a hammer, then Johan Beukes must be related. Using a Daiwa Saltiga 30 Reel, an 8 ounce Sinker, he threw 196m in the recent Zululand casting competition. Not to be outdone with the ever popular Daiwa Windcas...Read more

27TH MARCH 2012Summer may be over, but the fishing is getting hotter every day. With the weather more stable and the sea playing its part, a lot more fish are being caught and there is a definite buzz. Crayfish season is also open so if you can get one past the wife it makes excellent bait provided you have a licence....Read more

20TH MARCH 2012Morning has broken (crash, tinkle, tinkle) with the sun finally shining for more than one day at a time and Spring tides a thing of the past – we can get down to some serious fishing. Summer is nearly gone and hopefully the winds will settle into a steady pattern. All the bodies of water seem to have started to clean up and a public holiday in the middle of the week means an extra days fi...Read more

14TH MARCH 2012Hopefully Irina has finally left the building and we can look forward to better weather. The heavy rains have really changed the colour of the water, which is great news as we will now have off-colour water which should bring the fish in closer. A number of sand banks have been washed away leaving deeper channels and some nice pools. ...Read more

7TH MARCH 2012The past week or so has had most anglers ready to sell their fishing equipment and invest in Golf Clubs. The winds have seldom blown for more than 2 days in the same direction.  And Irina made her appearance in a big way. The large amount of rain as well as heavy winds and high seas are sure to...Read more

29TH FEBRUARY 2012In Kosi bay various species of kingfish like the blue spot and black tip have been caught recently, mainly on drop shot and smaller baits like a chokka and prawn mix. A nice GT of about 22kilos was caught, tagged and released on Wednesday last week. ...Read more

22ND FEBRUARY 2012The wicked westerly and beastly easterly have done their best the last couple of days to confuse the current, so fishing has definitely been a bit tricky. The early mornings before the wind picks up seems to have been more productive than the late evening. With Spring-tides this week, hopefully we will see some changes to the banks, and maybe some more fishi...Read more

15TH FEBRUARY 2012We have just heard that at Kosi Bay, a nice kingfish of 20 kilos was caught on a chokka slide bait during the week and a black fin shark in the 60 – 70 kilo range wa...Read more

08TH FEBRUARY 2012A number of flat fish mainly skates as well as one or two sand sharks have been recorded along the Zululand coast. Due to the beastly easterly fishing over the weekend has been somewhat quiet, but anglers that took to the cha...Read more

01ST FEBRUARY 2012Fishing all along our coast has been very slow due to the Cyclone off the Mozambique coast which has caused a fair amount of destruction in that area. The coastline from Zululand right through to Durban and surrounds has been affected with large ground swells and extremely large waves. This has resulted in very poor f...Read more

27TH JANUARY 2012There have been some ideal angling days last week but unfortunately most of the good seas were experienced during the week. Anglers waiting to fish on the weekend had to put up with heavy seas although the weather was very good. ...Read more

18TH JANUARY 2012Terry Nel from Tacklenet in Port Edward reports that fishing the beaches south of the Mtamvuna River Estuary this weekend past, yielded shad although small in size. The estuary has been active and some kingfish, one over the 4kg mark have been landed there. Rock salmon are also on the bite and a number of good sized fish have taken on bot...Read more

11TH JANUARY 2012Hot windless days like we have had for the last fortnight normally brings sand sharks and skates on the bite and sport fishermen should find their way to the beaches in the hopes of some good pulls from big fish. All the deep-water points should start working by the week-end as the weatherman predicts light easterly winds b...Read more

04TH JANUARY 2012Wishing all of our readers a great 2012 with plenty pick-ups, screaming reels, and awesome fishing. ...Read more

28th December 2011Rock and Surf: ...Read more

With summer finally settling in things are looking much brighter for anglers. Warm seas and hot and humid days make for good angling. Most big rivers have come down with the summer rains, causing some off coloured water which brings in the big flatfish. Locally angling has picked up quite well with good reports o...Read more

14TH DECEMBER 2011Summer has finally set in along our coast and with it has come all the fish one would expect. For shore anglers most or almost all rivers have come down and left a ginger beer coloured water which most fish thrive in. The ...Read more

7TH DECEMBER 2011With the shad season now open and the holiday season upon us, most well-known venues will have maximum angling impact on them. The weather also seems to have eased up and angling will almost certainly start returning to normal. Small shad are feeding at most spots but it’s the Umkomaas stretch that now attracts t...Read more

30TH NOVEMBER 2011Raoul De Villiers after 28 years in the fishing tackle industry, the last 15 with The Kingfisher, has finally decided to retire at the end of November.Mike Philip from The Kingfisher had this to say “The quality of service Raoul has offered our customers, his total commitment and loyalty to The Kingfisher has been e...Read more

23RD NOVEMBER 2011With summer rains now settling in, most rivers have burst their banks and have created most anglers dreams, ‘ginger beer’ coloured water which puts most fish on the bite, especially summer flatfish. Sand sharks and skates are now coming out all along the coast with some bigger sand ...Read more

16TH NOVEMBER 2011Fishing over the past week has picked up nicely. Anglers fishing in the upper South Coast areas got stuck into some nice brusher, a few specim...Read more

11TH NOVEMBER 2011With weather slowly settling, anglers are now back on the beaches doing what they love. It certainly looks as though the seasonal winds have subsided and anglers can now look forward to some very good summer fishing. With the shad ban still on most anglers that fish for edibles are still fishing and catching some good...Read more

4TH NOVEMBER 2011Hopefully the warmer water should start moving in as it has been on the chilly side later. When this happens anglers should start seeing off the tail end of the winter fish and the start of the annual summer fish. This is good news for anglers that are out targeting some early season flatfish as there are alread...Read more

28th October 2011Crayfish season comes to a close at the end of this month and reopens again on the 1st of March next year. There are many crayfish being taken at the moment and fishermen are making the most of it. ...Read more

21 OCTOBER 2011 Weather conditions settled nicely and fish came back on the bite during the course of last week. Anglers on the South Coast with the Port Edward area in particular are now getting some good action, this includes a nice garrick captured at Splash Rock on live black tail. Lesser sand sharks are also on the bite and as expected and bronze bream are being found here and there by fishermen trying for them. The sea conditions have improved after strong winds and rain so good fishing is expected as the...Read more

14 OCTOBER 2011 After a few weeks of really bad sea and weather conditions things looks as though they are finally settling. This week saw a lot of north eastley winds which seemed to have turned the fish on. Forecast for the week end looks favorable for angling and with the shad ban in place anglers are now targeting brusher, pompano and the odd bronze bream. Brusher have already made an appearance mainly along the Isipingo ledges and the rocky stretches of La Mercy. Pompano for what it is worth are still ...Read more

07 OCTOBER 2011 Weather and sea conditions for the past week have not been kind to anglers as consistent rain and wind hammered our coastline. However a few hardened anglers who persisted were well rewarded. Brusher is the main target specie and is not put off by harsh conditions. Garrick like brusher also feed in almost any condition and some good fish have been landed. These fish are now being caught all along our coastline but the problem is that their favorite bait, namely shad is being protected but the...Read more

30 SEPTEMBER 2011 Brusher seem to have entrenched themselves along the South Coast with the upper south coast areas producing numerous good size fish. When targeting these fish your tackle should be stepped up a grade or two to that of shad angling. These fish are found amongst rocky ledges and points and for this reason your tackle should ideally be that of a heavy nature. Your nylon should be around 35lb, Kingfisher Giant Abrasion is a good line and a heavy action rod like the Poseidon Heavy (Gold Class or H...Read more

23 SEPTEMBER 2011 We were advised on Sunday morning that our Praboo had not survived a fatal car accident on Saturday night. This came as shattering news; and those of you being made aware now, this tragedy will come to you also as a great shock. Praboo Naidoo who has been with The Kingfisher since May 2004 was loved and respected by us all. His presence and commitment to The Kingfisher will be irreplaceable. Our deepest condolences to Praboo's family from all at The Kingfisher. Weather patterns of la...Read more

16th SEPTEMBER 2011Anglers are enjoying a reasonable shad season and these fish are at most of the well know places. Although some are on the small side, the odd fish seem to be well oversized, just look at the results of The Kingfishers Shad Competition, there have been some big fish weighed in. Traditional shad spots are producing very well but crowds do become a problem from time to time. Besides the shad, this time of the year produces some excellent fishing as the winter fish are still with us and as the s...Read more

09 SEPTEMBER 2011Garrick and shad seems to be the target specie along the Transkei and the KZN coastline. Good catches of Garrick are also being reported from the Zululand beaches.  Amongst the Garrick there is also the odd big kob and some nice size grunter. Much the same can be said for the North and South Coasts as well. On the North Coast, the Tongaat  Long Beach and Barracuda Rocks areas should to be the more productive areas. Shad are now feeding freely along the Durban and the Umgeni stretch. An...Read more

02 SEPTEMBER 2011 The good weather, which prevailed on our coastline recently, has really put fish on the bite. There have been reports of shad being caught at all known venues and with the shad comes all sorts of predators. Garrick are biting well all along the coast and there are reports from areas such as St Lucia, Amatikulu and Mtinzini that the garrick are now firmly entrenched and being caught on a daily basis. Willy Foster landed a beautiful 3kg stumppie a St Lucia this weekend. The weather has been terrib...Read more

14TH MAY 2014   Year after year, half of our fishing community awaits one particular species. A species that has been as popular as any other due to its ability to be caught by dozens and not only on bait, but spoon, drop shot and other artificial lures. Yes, it’s none other than our Shad or Elf as our South Coasters call them. It is at this point in the year that we start to see good numbers coming through, as we already have. Time to stock up on needle point hooks and steel trace as we...Read more

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